Security Culture

Does your business, and do you personally, lack a sense of security?  Do you have a false sense of security?  You may think: “it won’t happen to me.”   Could it….Will it? 

The answer is yes.  As businesses grow, so do day-to-day problems.  But, occasionally unforeseen problems arise?  Maybe an incident of workplace violence….maybe a bomb threat…maybe a threat to contaminate your company’s products…many companies just handle these as they come…generally after the fact… But, could problems be minimized with a higher sense of security culture?  With planning?    

Security Department

Many companies with security departments rely upon outside firms such as IRI to supplement or augment needs or draw upon expertise. 

Many firms without a security department turn to firms such as IRI to be an outsource for most  security needs.

Establishing a security culture and a security department

Executive recruiting…Security, loss prevention, safety

Often companies that have decided to take a fresh look at their security culture turn to IRI to help design a security function, recruit a security director, and even to help in staffing…whether with a contract workforce or eventually, with full-time security employees.


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