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iri services

IRI is a private-intelligence organization with broad intelligence and security services capabilities. IRI specializes with security intelligence, corporate intelligence, and information management plus specialized risk management training, and serves corporations, government entities, military organizations, and individuals, worldwide.

IRI specializes in planning and conducting drills and table-top exercises associated with the 15 "National Planning Scenarios" invoving CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive) issues.

Security Intelligence

IRI addresses risk, threats, and vulnerabilities to personnel, property, and data, and responds to crisis situations.  (…more…)

Corporate Intelligence

“Know your market,” “know your suppliers,” and “know your customers” may require discreet intelligence not publicly available.  (…more…)

GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE: Information Management

High level analysis utilizing intelligence community techniques.  Country risk, sovereign risk, commercial risk…do you really know what to expect with your overseas operations? (…more…)

IRI Seminar: training, exercises, evaluations

In-classroom and internet based training.  The five “I’s” – Investigate, inform, internalize, implement, instillIRI has well-developed techniques to get important information disseminated throughout the organization…efficiently, cost effectively (…more…)



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