Personal Protection and Security

On one level, workplace violence is still considered among the top concerns in business.  That can mean any of us can be harmed by unknown individuals, fellow employees, customers, and other acquaintances.  IRI has advised individuals as well as corporate groups on how to be alert and how to deal with unwelcome situations.

On another level, IRI provides support to managers, executives, and others in the public-eye including celebrities, who sometimes draw attention…the kind they don’t want.  We can help.  Troubling phone calls, threatening letters, stalking…there are ways to handle these situations…discreetly.

Travel Protection and Security

Security in the office and at home..that alone can give us some peace of mind.  But, what about when traveling?  Traveling overseas?  What if you are consultant, advisor, or director of a company that is high risk?  What if you are a celebrity and you stand out?  What if you are detained by police outside the U.S.?   What if you are kidnapped? 

IRI professionals can help you plan—even travel with you, blending in, be there to intervene should unwelcome surprises occur.


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