Business Security

IRI: Personnel Reviews

IRI has the safety and well-being of all employees in mind.†

IRI conducts reviews at the senior management level, generally the Chairman/CEO, as a threat assessment, given the nature of the firm, its industry, and its locations.† Recommended security guidelines and procedures also apply to senior management as well as to staff employees as appropriate.†

Concerns may include:

  • executive protection
  • travel security
  • home security
  • counter-intelligence

IRI: Physical Reviews

IRI specialists conduct physical reviews including: office buildings, production facilities, distribution centers, and other locations affecting the client organizationís well-being, including corporate aircraft locations, corporate conference locations, and annual meeting venues.†

Typical concerns may involve:

  • access procedures
  • mail room procedures
  • building security engineering
  • perimeter security
  • surveillance
  • personnel screening procedures
  • document & communications security
  • counter-espionage measures

IRI: Data Reviews

Data audits are conducted by specialized IRI experts with particular IT competency, typically at the clientís corporate data processing center(s), in conjunction with client IT staff.† Comprehensive reports detailing findings and recommendations are prepared for management, typically followed by debriefing sessions. Based upon issues raised, assignments often proceed to the planning and implementation phase.†

Typical concerns focus on:

  • network integrity
  • intrusion detection & prevention
  • business interruption
  • data theft
  • site vulnerability


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