IRI does not manage risk--its clients do.  IRI brings expertise, know-how, and the knowledge-base of a broad cross-section of large corporate, multinational, government, and military experience.  

IRI helps its clients enhance awareness and preparedness, while providing ongoing support.  The ultimate goal is to provide client management with ever-improving capabilities to managing risk more efficiently and cost effectively.

Clients utilize IRI services to address and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats that affect the well-being of personnel, property, and data—and such threats often have significant enterprise and financial impact.

Importantly, IRI specializes in providing corporate clients with comprehensive analyses of threat and vulnerability scenarios leading to "best informed" decision making by client management. 

IRI maintains all communications with clients in strictest confidence.  IRI limits communications to those engaging parties with respect to particular engagements.  IRI does not reveal names of corporate and/or individual clients for any purpose whatsoever.

Global perspective

IRI has employees and consultants around the world.  IRI has a broad network of independent consultants and specialist firms worldwide to facilitate projects in virtually any location.  While many micro risks are localized in nature, many macro risks are often multinational.  IRI has the reach to address client needs regardless of location.


includes Fortune 1000, middle-market, smaller, and emerging...many with highly developed risk management functions...others with modest or no security cultures (..more..)


including U.S. companies operating overseas and foreign companies operating in the U.S. ... both have special needs away from home (..more..)

Law Firms

often are the first line of support when problems arise...and they, too, sometimes welcome assistance in diverse or specialized matters (..more..)

Private clients

including celebrities, sports figures, and those in the public eye...but also anyone who experiences special problems ...blackmail, extortion, stalking.. (..more..)

Government and Military

includes embassies, consultants, trade missions, well as entities attached to various military and law enforcement ... (..more..)

Schools and universities

includes public, private, and charter schools and colleges and universities across the country and internationally... (..more..)


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