IRI focus on macro risk in addition to micro risk

IRI's security intelligence services address both "macro" and "micro" security risks and enterprise threats.  Risks to people, property, and "information" pose varying levels of potential physical and economic consequences to the well-being of individuals, corporations and their employees, as well as government entities (both domestic and foreign).

IRI views risks as "micro" or "macro" and sometimes both.

Micro risks are those directed at specific entities while macro risks are typically broader and often undirected.  Micro risks might include localized work-place violence, bomb threats, or corporate espionage directed at specific entities.

Macro risks are associated with "non-specifically-aimed" threats due to international terrorism, for example, and generalized indiscriminate threats involving multiple entities without regard to specific entities.  Macro risks might also include acts of random product contamination, biological attacks, large-scale bombing, and threats associated with so-called “dirty bombs.”

Virtually all corporations face security-related risks.  In contrast to many firms which address individual risk factors after a security-related incident has occurred, IRI assists clients with preventive steps, increased awareness, and on-going training aimed at averting or at least minimizing the consequences of inevitable risk problems.


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