IRI engages in Corporate Intelligence, Security Intelligence, and Information Management aimed at allowing clients to be better informed regarding inherent risks of doing business, locally and globally.   

IRI's focus: intelligence versus investigation

While many client objectives may be contained to discovery and fact-finding, IRI's focus is on comprehensive analysis and informed interpretation—generally lacking with private investigation firms.

It may not be enough to discover and organize facts—rather enhanced value-added benefits may accrue through evaluation and analysis, while assessing implications—the diagnosis and prognosis often pertaining to unusual or unique circumstances.

IRI has access to a vast array of public and private database resources, yet IRI's strength lies in creative approaches to information management. 

IRI personnel have broad experience profiles with a wide array of case management, allowing clients to tap into this highly specialized knowledge base.

Key areas of Corporate Intelligence include:

Business Intelligence

"Know your market," "know your suppliers," "know your customers" (...more..)

Competitor Intelligence

"Know your competition" (..more..)

Specialized Intelligence

"Know your adversaries," and "know yourself" (..more..)


Responding to "in-bound" competitor intelligence. (..more..)

Investigations: Business Investigations, Personal Investigations, Due Diligence

Aimed at discovery, identification, and corroboration. (..more..)

Corporate compliance and protocols

Best business practices, social responsibility, maintaining shareholder value. And issues surrounding the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (..more..)

Forensic Accounting and product liability review

Financial problems, auditing irregularities, frauds (..more..)

Intellectual Property and Counterfeiting Investigations

Patents, trademarks, counterfeit product investigations (..more..)

Anti-Money Laundering: Due Diligence and Investigations

Detecting, investigating...due diligence and vetting (..more..)


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