While most intelligence surrounds activities external to your business,
investigations often involve internal events as well.† Investigations are aimed at discovery, identification, and corroboration.

Investigations are important for better informed decision making and are a very integral part of corporate intelligence.† Fact finding and evaluation are necessary steps leading to planning and action.† Investigations help clear up misconceptions; moreover, they may reveal very positive attributes otherwise hidden from view.

Business Investigations

Investigations are initiated after an incident or suspected incident has occurred.

  • fraud
  • embezzlement
  • extortion
  • blackmail
  • product tampering
  • counterfeiting
  • adverse communications
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • sabotage
  • unknown business interruption
  • stolen trade secrets
  • cyber attacks
  • insurance claims reviews
  • corporate governance complaints

óall these and more give rise to investigations.†

Given the nature of many incidents, clients desire to quietly explore for the facts before assessing options possibly leading to criminal prosecution or civil action.

Corporations continually face threats to personnel, property, and proprietary information.† Even the best contingency planning canít prevent unwelcome events that impact the companyís economics and its personnelís well-being.

IRI specialists quickly investigate and assess whether events are due to intentional acts, negligence, inadvertence, or accidents involving current or former employees, competitors, or other outsiders attempting to take undue advantage of the company or its personnel.

Personal Investigations

Individuals including business professionals, artists, celebrities, and sports figures may encounter personal problems ranging from questionable financial affairs to various forms of harassment including stalking.† IRI staff analyzes circumstances especially in instances prior to law enforcement involvement.

Investigations often arise by way of client counsel who may require further investigation associated with a client problem or legal action.† IRI experts assist with litigation support and resolution.†

Due Diligence

IRI experts perform financial due diligence. Importantly, IRIís expertise also addresses non-financial due diligence with respect to personnel and business practices óboth domestic and global.†

Personnel due diligence entails developing an informed perspective on people and their backgrounds, while business due diligence enhances understandings about business activities, markets and products, and circumstances influencing business performance


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