Intellectual Property

Patent protection?  Trademarks?  You think you are really protected?  Patent laws in the U.S. go a long way to help sort out legal standing.  But, can we be sure others won’t take our ideas, our know-how, our technology?  What if you think they do…what do you do?

Often, IRI is called upon to conduct an investigation to determine whether alleged abusers are in fact infringing upon patents….sometimes this is a gray area, yet understanding as much of the facts, circumstances, motives, practices, and intentions of suspected abusers is necessary to make a reasoned determination of whether to proceed…ignore, contest, or acquire interests.   

Counterfeit product investigations

Most branded-goods companies experience the threat or realities of counterfeiting.   Most of us have acquired counterfeit products and didn’t even know it.   Counterfeit products account for a growing percentage of overall potential revenues not otherwise realized by legitimate producers.  

Outside the U.S., there are many local economies which thrive on knock-offs, gray market, side production, copycat….cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing, personal accessories, software, music CD’s, DVD’s….on and on.

IRI approaches the counterfeit problem from an economic modeling approach.  Investigations may be conducted to determine who, what, when, where…such products are being produced. 

Then strategies are devised on what to do…raids, confiscation, publicity, legal sanctions….generally, counterfeiting can be slowed although it is unrealistic to presume it can be stopped.  But, most of the time, intervention is economically justified.

Also of interest ...The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (


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