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Homeland Security might be said to be a re-channeling of operations at the U.S. federal level, with a merging of certain investigation, intelligence, security, and military functions aimed at minimizing and averting threats and risks predominantly associated with actions of international terrorism…(…more…)

Large Corporations

IRI’s clients include many Fortune 1000 level companies.  Corporations (and others) have had the choice of ignoring or accepting risk consequences without preventive measures and without further intervention when events occur that disrupt or impact the business.  More and more, corporate senior managers are weighing the risk-reward equation ... realizing that the cost of intervention may be very low compared with the costs associated with doing nothing.   

By using IRI services, clients benefit by saving money and minimizing financial burden.

Middle  Market

Many companies in this range may have less formal security departments and may rely upon outsourcing with higher frequency.  IRI consults with the development of security, intelligence, and investigations functions for such companies, and IRI may be called upon to assist with recruiting functional specialists.

Smaller and emerging companies

Many smaller companies face many of the same problems as larger companies, although perhaps less frequently.  Even so, sometimes certain events can be company threatening.   Intellectual property abuse, stolen trade secrets, and corporate espionage issues are among the most problematic.  Technology companies, working in very sensitive industries, responding to RFP’s, for example, need to demonstrate sound security measures. IRI assists smaller companies with preventive planning... and IRI may act as an outsourced security department for those companies that are not ready for a more comprehensive in-house security function.


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