Foreign Companies operating in the U.S.

Large foreign multinationals operating in the U.S. appreciate personal attention, low key assistance, and very quiet approaches to risk management since, as a generality, they desire to avoid drawing attention and shun publicity.

Many foreign companies operating in the U.S. may have a security culture within their respective home country operating units, yet such security culture may be under-developed or non-existent in the U.S.

Often, IRI is called upon to act as a surrogate security department for corporations, and this is more likely to happen with foreign multinationals operating away from their home countries. Importantly, all IRI managers and project managers have international and multinational corporate experience ... IRI understands the needs of companies operating away from home. 

U.S. Companies operating overseas

U.S. companies operating in foreign countries are likely to depend upon U.S. resources available to them in foreign locales.

IRI has reach in foreign locations, generally by way of network affiliates and subcontractors local to their respective areas.  

Generally, utilization of local resources managed by IRI is preferred.

U.S. companies operating in the London area, for example, can benefit from drawing upon British risk management firms headquartered in London.  However, such firms may not be at an advantage when engagements might be in Nigeria or South Africa or India, as those firms, too, will engage subcontractors to handle work in those respective markets.

It is generally better to ultimately enlist the counsel of local professionals indigenous to the location. 


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