project Management

IRIís case and project managers have depth and breadth in international risk management.†† All IRI project managers have lived and worked overseas.† Most speak two or more languages.

All of IRIís project managers, relationship managers, principals, in-house consultants, and analysts have had prior experience in federal and large municipal law enforcement, federal and military investigations, the U.S. and foreign government intelligence community, large-corporate security, insurance, and very importantly, large-corporate general and financial management.† Many have served in the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Marines, as well as the intelligence community including the U.S. State Department, CIA, NSA, Department of Justice, and Naval Intelligence.

IRI professionals manage or oversee special intelligence projects. All such individuals are Ph.D. level and all have teaching, research, and business experience on an international basis.


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