All risk management firms have limitations with respect to geographic and subject matter coverage.  Firms desiring to have wide geographic scope and broader service capabilities, therefore, depend on a network of firms to augment geographic and service reach. 

IRI has relationships with working affiliates, network affiliates, representatives, sub-contractors, and consultants—worldwide—who complement the capabilities of IRI’s principals and/or project/case managers.

IRI operates much like a law, accounting, or strategic consulting firm.

IRI principals, relationship managers, and project managers offer unlimited consultation with prospective clients and active clients, on a no obligation basis.

Typically, IRI will establish a budget depending upon the scope of each respective assignment ... discussed with the client. Each undertaken project may have as many as three IRI senior managers assist with project oversight ... at no additional charges. IRI is interested in quality, timely performance, and client satisfaction...IRI has a full client satisfaction policy... and does not charge if client expectations are not met.


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