International market Intelligence

IRI Analytix provides intelligence reports surrounding problem spots around the world.  Terrorist activity, civil unrest, and emerging security threats…..

Multinational corporations monitor activities in various countries for international travel purposes and to be mindful of activities which may adversely impact operations in troubled locations. 

While many client objectives may be contained to discovery and fact-finding, IRI Analytix’s focus is on analysis and informed interpretation.  It may not be enough to discover and organize facts--rather enhanced value-added benefits may accrue through evaluation and analysis, while assessing implications--the diagnosis and prognosis often pertaining to unusual or unique circumstances. 

IRI Analytix has access to a vast array of public and private database resources, yet IRI Analytix's strength lies in creative approaches to information management.

IRI Analytix focuses on private intelligence, including the strategic analysis of international security issues.  IRI Analytix specializes in identifying trends and monitoring similar security threats throughout the world, including publication of regular reports for its corporate and government clients.  IRI Analytix has a team of ex-government professionals who have years of experience collecting and assessing sensitive data on stability issues.

Combining Perspectives
for Better Analysis

IRI Analytix can now cover almost any emerging threat around the world, and importantly offer relevant insights and diagnoses on the implications of these risks.  The IRI Analytix team has extensive management experience with multinationals, so our approach is very proactive.  These strategic strengths have synergistic benefits for our clients – more timely and comprehensive analyses.

Typical Corporate Situations
and Needs

IRI Analytix security risk inforamtion services are most often used for:

  • Ongoing monitoring of potential threats, even in specific cities, as a standard risk control policy of many companies.
  • Expansion to new area of the world, especially involving mergers/acquisitions and financing new ventures.
  • Tracking events that can pose a risk to facilities or personnel where current operations exist.
  • Assessing the challenges, market potential, and feasibility for strategic planning and/or contingency plans.
  • In preparation for international travel or special meetings/events in certain foreign countries.


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