Country Analysis

IRI undertakes specialized reporting with focus on political, economic, and commercial risk: that is, ….  sovereign risk” (country administration) and “country risk” (country economics) as well as underlying “custom and usage” risk (local business practices) inherent in specific countries. 

Such analysis includes industry and market risk useful to multinational corporations operating in foreign locations.  Foreign operations typically carry uncertainties regarding labor conditions, competition with local producers, and intellectual property abuse including counterfeiting.

For example, doing business in certain countries carries not only the macro economic risks associated with balance of trade imbalances and currency devaluation, but also risks inherent in trade practices which may have elements of political corruption and money laundering integral to local business activity. 

IRI also provides specialized reporting to allow clients access to information on topics relevant to them specifically or to their industry.  Clients may commission specialized reports for particular purposes, and such projects may entail a combination of corporate intelligence and information management reporting.


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