IRI engages in Information Management (IM) aimed at allowing clients to be better informed regarding inherent risks of doing business.†

IRI provides specialized analysis to allow clients access to information on topics relevant specifically to them or their industry, domestically and globally.†

Industry vulnerability often surrounds source-of-supply disruptions, non-conforming business practices, and hidden costs of doing business in various locations.† Also, specialized analysis supplements feasibility studies for both new and expanding business operations.†††††

Information management includes specialized reporting often for specific or ad hoc purposes.†

IM infers a high level of analysis utilizing intelligence community techniques.† IM also infers the acquisition of information and subsequent analysis not otherwise available through alternate means.†

IRIís approach to IM includes three key areas:

international marketplace intelligence

including daily, weekly, and ad hoc reporting (..more..)

country risk and sovereign risk analysis

including specialized reporting suiting specific issues and problems (..more..)

high-level internet monitoring

investigating suspicious and harmful activity and providing an early warning of potential collateral activity threatening shareholder value (..more..)


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