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Internet e-Plus

e-Plus is an Internet-accessed learning system for educating large audiences on topics relating to security, safety, and corporate intelligence.

e-Plus represents a true advancement in education technology and is more effective than other learning mediums in two key ways: more engaging interaction and greater reach for broader audiences.

This proprietary learning system has been designed by specialists at IRI Analytix, an international private intelligence, security, and investigations firm with core expertise in strategic analysis and internet technology.
The professional staff includes psychologists and education technology specialists with many years of experience developing distance learning methodology at the college and university level.

e-Plus program content is developed by IRI Analytix subject matter experts with extensive experience in federal law enforcement and intelligence, as well as government and corporate security.

e-Plus is an ideal, cost efficient learning technique for corporate, government, and military clients interested in security-related topics including:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Bomb Threat Protocol
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Travel Security
  • Counter-Intelligence

… and more.

Meeting Today’s Challenges

IRI Analytix recognizes the need to better manage risks, which often requires training. Other training techniques have serious limitations: inadequate comprehension and retention, plus incomplete accessibility by all computers and internet browsers to reliably reach large, geographically-dispersed audiences. Also, companies require better records demonstrating employee participation—including for Sarbanes-Oxley, HR, and legal compliance.

e-Plus: a Real Difference in e-learning

IRI Analytix e-Plus overcomes these limitations by combining the best approaches in learning methodology with the most advanced means in delivery technology:

More Interactive— active involvement with interspersed testing to ensure maximum retention plus documentation of results.

More Effective Multimedia — user-friendly combination of audio, video, animation, and graphics, for enhanced attention and comprehension.

Greater Reach — viewer accessible via dial-up as well as faster connections, and with a smoother interface compatible with virtually all PC and Mac operating systems, browsers, screen sizes, and resolutions.

Better Value – advanced learning system from
IRI Analytix customized for client needs, stimulating interactive format and maximum reach, this innovative e-Plus learning system is an exceptionally cost-effective means to convey security-related content to large audiences.





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