IRI Seminar: In-classroom training

In-classroom training is conducted by IRI's subject matter experts.  Often such training is directed toward senior management staff and may include the general counsel, security director, loss prevention director, crisis management personnel, as well as operations management including the COO or CEO, depending upon the subject.

In many cases, such training, in essence, may be categorized as “train-the-trainer” training, as the students of such sessions often then downstream the training to successive lower levels of management.

Training for risks that may be enterprise threatening is often conducted in this manner.

In-classroom training to senior management, for example, is very manageable and effective.  Yet, in some cases, training to larger groups of managers may be cost-prohibitive, inefficient, and/or ineffective.

For example, a consumer product company may suffer a product contamination problem.  Such incidents may escalate rapidly and may include personal injury, perhaps fatalities, and may span several locations, several states, and several countries.  While many events have known causes including intentional wrongdoing or production negligence, for example, many such incidents may survive for long periods before root causes are known.  Crisis management training may be crucial in such circumstances.

IRI personnel have broad experience conducting in-classroom training sessions as well as table-top exercises and simulations.


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