About IRI

Now IRI AnalytixIRI (International Risk Intelligence) personnel have been providing private intelligence services in the areas of corporate security, intelligence, and investigations since 1988. IRI has formed a strategic alliance with The Pathfinder Group, to expand its international business intelligence strengths. In recognition of these added capabilities for comprehensive analysis, IRI has become IRI Analytix, which immediately communicates our two most meaningful competencies: professional analysis by our strategic management team and our proprietary technology expertise for identifying and evaluating all risks.

How IRI Analytix is Different – The IRI Analytix team consists of managers who are strategic professionals as well as experienced specialists. This combination enables us to do a deeper analysis of our findings and to optimize our cutting edge technologies, including our advanced computer investigations and internet intelligence. These strengths help our clients better understand risks, leading to more relevant and proactive solutions.

How IRI Analytix Can Better Service ClientsIRI Analytix will do more than supplement and validate the knowledge base of our clients. IRI Analytix is committed to providing new perspectives on key risk issues, corroborating verifiable evidence, and recommending practical options for minimizing risks. Our goal is to help clients capitalize on growth opportunities and ultimately save time and money.



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