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IRI enhances risk management

Pre-event (Prevention)

IRI does not manage risk—its clients do.  IRI brings risk management expertise, know-how, and the knowledge-base of a broad cross-section of large corporate, multinational, government, and military experience.

Impact analysisIRI helps its clients enhance awareness and preparedness, while providing appropriate levels of ongoing support.  IRI helps clients with “pre-event” or “preventive” measures to help minimize the potential for adverse consequences and/or to minimize the loss associated with such acts.

The ultimate client-goal is to provide additional resources to position client management to better address problems and avert economic disadvantage.


Adverse events—whether internal, external, random, or calculated—may be unavoidable.  IRI not only helps clients become more alert to potential problems, but also assists clients while they are in the midst of a problem.

As problems escalate and may gain media attention, IRI personnel advise clients in conjunction with other crisis management professionals including public relations experts.

The objective is that clients and IRI develop a relationship such that IRI can help in the linking with law enforcement, public relations, and media accordingly.


Importantly, even the best attempts at preparedness, may still yield very unwelcome after-shock consequences and prolonged or lingering problem sets for certain clients.

Certain industries are perpetually under-fire, if not under-attack, and certain events can trigger heightened and exacerbated consequences. 

IRI helps not only in ongoing investigations, fact finding, and intelligence—but also risk management training or retraining.


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