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School and University Campus Security

Many factors contribute to improved security on school and university campuses. Environmental, physical, and protective measures are instrumental, yet the human element is most critical. Are potential acts of violence recognizable before they happen? In almost all cases, yes. The question is how to observe the factors that lead up to such acts.

IRI specialists are well versed in all aspects of institutional and personal security. School violence falls in the spectrum of workplace violence, and there are situational indicators that can help avert and thwart threats before they escalate into successful acts. IRI calls its program ATM, or Avert, Thwart, and Minimize. For more info about ATM, click here.

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Campus and information security

Universities face expanding challenges in maintaining the security of their institutions, the integrity of their reputations, and the support of their constituencies. Campus safety is everyone’s business: students, parents, faculty… the entire school community.

IRI personnel have many years of experience working with public and private schools and colleges and universities both domestic and international.

IRI services enable you to identify your institution’s asset protection priorities and take action to address them effectively. Our primary services to the higher education community are:

  • Intellectual Property "Information Management & Control"
  • Campus Security and Safety
  • Communications "Crisis Information Management"
  • Planning for Students and Faculty Abroad

Intellectual Property Protection

A school’s intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and research, is one of its greatest assets.

The more valuable a school's intellectual property is the more vulnerable it is to misuse and theft.

We provide you with a complete assessment of the intellectual property risks you face, then recommend, and implement programs to reduce vulnerability. IRI has developed a unique program called:

  • Information Management & Control

This program focuses on intra-campus communications addressing vulnerabilities associated with intellectual property abuse. Contact us for a white paper detailing our program in the context of academic freedoms.

Campus Security and Safety

We offer a multi-faceted approach to security issues that evaluates people, property, and data security issues, aimed at prevention.

  • Security audits and threat assessment
  • Guard force evaluation, allocation and procurement
  • Emergency preparedness, continuity, and disaster planning

Crisis Planning and Training

IRI’s crisis management experts assist you in preparing for, preventing, responding to and recovering from a wide range of emergency situations. We can:

  • Assess crisis risks and vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate current emergency response plans
  • Evaluate communications plans

Overseas Safety Programs for Students and Faculty Abroad

With advance planning, administrators can increase the chances of keeping students and faculty safe when travelling and living overseas.

IRI overseas security services include:

  • Political risk assessments and travel advisories
  • Travel safety and security awareness training
  • Destination and itinerary review
  • Due diligence on travel service providers
  • Local contacts, security escorts and legal counsel
  • Assistance with kidnap ransom and extortion situations
  • Overseas evacuation planning

IRI helps you anticipate travel-related security problems before they occur and prepares faculty and students to be alert to a potential crisis, anywhere.



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