Eric H. Twerdahl

Eric H. Twerdahl is the Managing Partner with International Risk Intelligence LLC, New York, a leading private intelligence firm specializing with corporate intelligence, security intelligence, and proprietary intelligence management.

Mr. Twerdahl assists many domestic and international corporations, foundations, endowments, and institutions with strategic planning and corporate development. He specializes in risk evaluation surrounding M&A, alliances, partnerships, and investments using broad international resources. Risk assessment, analysis, investigations, and recommendations focus on sovereign/political, legal, financial, market/product, security, and management along with risk factors specific to particular countries and industries.

Mr. Twerdahl has been a Consultant with the Yale School of Public Health and with the City of New Haven, for example, focusing on security risks along with federal and state entities associated with all-hazard contingencies and communications.

Mr. Twerdahl has over 30 years experience in international risk analysis, including senior management positions in M&A advisory, security, investigations, intelligence, and financial services organizations.  Prior to joining IRI, he was Senior Vice President, Kroll, Inc., New York, responsible for global relationships with multinational corporations.

Earlier, he served as acting COO and Director of Finance of Comweb Technology Group, Wayne, NJ (education technology and software); and President, COO, and Director of Industrial Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ), Milford, CT (laser systems).

Mr. Twerdahl was a partner with Fox, Twerdahl, Lehmann & Co., Inc., an international M&A advisory and intelligence firm with principal offices in New York, Zurich, and Dallas.  He was U.S. Advisor, Austrian Industries AG (Austrian-government-owned--steel, aluminum, petrochemicals, electronics, large-scale engineering) with a focus on environmental technologies; and he was also engaged by Swiss interests to assist with very large-scale environmental projects in Latin America. 

Earlier, Mr. Twerdahl was Senior Vice President and Division Head, Sanwa Bank Ltd. (The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, one of Japan's leading commercial banks), in New York, where he started the first U.S. Corporate Banking and Finance Division (including real estate and syndications) overseeing a portfolio exceeding $3 billion.

He was Vice President, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., (JPMorganChase) New York and Boston, and was active in Holland, Belgium, England, and Switzerland.  He began with The First National Bank of Boston (Bank of America), covering China and Southeast Asia, and he was responsible for select U.S. and foreign multinationals; he was desk officer for Japan and Korea, and lived in Tokyo. 

Mr. Twerdahl received his BA in International Relations from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Boston University.  Mr. Twerdahl has been a guest speaker at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, The World Affairs Forum, and the World Economic Forum, among other institutions and organizations.

Mr. Twerdahl has also served as Chairman, Emergency Medical Services Commission and Public Health Emergency Response Coordinator under the aegis of the CDC. Mr. Twerdahl is a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy and has served as as a board member and President of the FBI New Haven Citizens Academy Alumni Association. He has also served as a board member of Infragard, Connecticut, a collaboration led by the FBI along with state and federal agencies and private sector corporations and institutions addressing national security issues.



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