Mr. Gronlund is a Managing Director with International Risk Intelligence LLC, New York, a leading international private intelligence firm specializing in corporate intelligence, security intelligence, global intelligence management, and advanced e-learning technologies. A proven corporate executive, domestic and international, Mr. Gronlund focuses on market assessments and global intelligence. Formerly, he was the President of The Pathfinder Group, Inc., headquartered in New York, a firm specializing in international business development, marketing, market assessments, feasibility studies, and country risk analysis with respect to clients’ expansion initiatives, as well as new business alliances, acquisitions, and investments. As a business intelligence specialist, he is well-versed with all aspects of market intelligence and international due diligence. He has worked on diverse projects, in particular throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia as well as in Latin America and the Far East. Earlier, he spent over twenty years with U.S. multinational organizations including Newsweek, Inc., The Seagram Company Ltd., Church & Dwight Co., Inc., and Richardson-Vicks Inc. He was Vice President, Director of Marketing for Newsweek, focusing on marketing, related publications, and new business strategy development. At Seagram, he was Senior Vice President, Marketing and New Business Development, responsible for business intelligence in domestic and European markets. He was Business Group Manager, Church & Dwight, in charge of all Arm & Hammer new products and strategic planning. At Richardson-Vicks, he was in marketing management and new product development in New York and London/Europe. He also worked at Svenska Sockerfabriks A.B. in Sweden. Currently, Mr. Gronlund teaches courses on branding and business development at New York University. Mr. Gronlund received a BA from Colby College and an MBA from Tuck, Dartmouth College.