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IRI Analytix LLC
P.O. Box 17252
Stamford, CT 06907


Analysis Meets TechnologyIntelligence and Investigations

Due Diligence,
Investigations intelligence before an acquisiton, competitive intelligence entering a new domestic or foreign market.

CORPORATE SECURITY...building security review, impact analysis, threat assessment, personnel protection, workplace violence.

GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE risk management: country risk, market risk, economic risk, intellectual property risk

TRAINING, EXERCISES, EVALUATIONS...internet training, classroom training, table-top exercises, workshops, drills, HSEEP compliant

IRI Perspective

Move the pawn or bishop? While evaluating a new business or sorting out options surrounding a personal or business problem, IRI, will assist you through four key evaluation phases. First, assessment: considering all aspects surrounding the circumstances... with all the details you don't want to overlook. Second, analysis: reviewing facts, at least as you think you know them. Nothing worse than making a decision with wrong information. Third, research: investigating what you don't know but should and what the analysis phase reveals. Fourth, synthesis: putting it all together revealing much more than what you thought you knew in the assessment phase. It's all about gaining perspective and importantly, avoiding costly mistakes. With mergers and acquisitions, for example, more than fifty percent don't live up to expectations or fail due to lack of following these principles. IRI: not just fact finding... it's gaining insights and understanding implications. If you move the pawn or bishop now, you don't know where you are going. Rather, if you move the queen...

IRI Analytix = Analysis + Technology

IRI Analytix personnel are professionally trained in assessing domestic and international threats and risks to business, personnel, and data. And, they are adept in fact finding, research, information gathering, and training typically not available to the public. Deeper analysis with enhanced techniques ...IRI evaluates, advises, trains, implements... (..more,,)


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